Our School

[image width=”950″ height=”350″ align=”center”] http://www.queensschool.es/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/institucion.jpg [/image] Queens is a British school situated in the South of Lanzarote, offering a British curriculum.

At Queens Primary and Nursery school we aim to create a friendly, caring and happy environment where everyone is valued and respected.
We believe that our school provides the basis for effective learning for your child. We offer an education through which children enjoy learning in a caring and motivating environment.
Throughout the school we develop self respect, cultural awareness and the importance of valuing others.
The small class sizes are beneficial to effective learning and allow consideration for each child’s individual needs and development stage.
The classrooms are spacious, light and designed to enhance pupil’s independence through learning areas and easy access to resources.


Director’s Letter

“One of the most important decisions a family makes is choosing the best school for their child.”
Our objective is to fully develop each pupil’s potential. To ensure they become learners for life and actively contribute to the school community with important values such as honesty and tolerance.

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